Screwmatics of South Carolina Inc. is a large contract manufacturer that provides CNC and Screw Machine produced component parts to a wide variety of industries including medical, plumbing, welding, aerospace, power transmission, industrial switch, automotive, electrical, and valve industries, as well as many others. We insure quality products by embracing the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 registered quality systems.

Screwmatics continues to improve and invest in machining technology, adding state-of-the-art equipment to the nearly 140,000 square feet of mostly climate controlled shop floor. Ongoing training is provided to the over 140 team members operating on two shifts.

Separation is Key

As a leading provider of precision machined parts, we take extra care in ensuring quality, on time delivery, and economical pricing. One way of achieving this better than our competition is by housing Medical and non-leaded facilities separate from our general machining facilities. This allows for controlled environments so that parts meet the specifications required by our customers

Medical Parts Facility

As a 13485 certified supplier to Medical industry, we understand the demand for accuracy, reliability and repeatability of small complex parts. Screwmatics of South Carolina stays ahead of the competition with Swiss-Style machines, experienced operators, and industry leading metrology.

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Non-Leaded Parts Facility

As a major supplier to the plumbing industry, we are experts at machining lead free brass materials such as C69300 and C27450. In doing so, we recognize the extra care needed in keeping leaded and non- leaded materials separated by housing a separate lead-free machining facility. This insures that there is no risk for cross contamination.

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Screwmatics is Internationally recognized
to meet high standards.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate of Quality System Assessment

Presented by NSF-ISR
“Screwmatics of South Carolina…has established a quality management system that is in compliance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001 (2015)”

View the Screwmatics ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration here.

ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management

Presented by NSF-ISR:
“Screwmatics of South Carolina…has established a quality management system that is in compliance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 13485 (2016)”

View the Screwmatics ISO 13485:2016 Certificate of Registration here.

Management Team

Tom Hogge
President / Manufacturing Manager
More comfortable in the shop than in the front office, Tom’s approach to the overall management style has created a unique atmosphere at Screwmatics, where emphasis remains on constant improvement of processes, quality assurance, and customer service.  Tom draws from his extensive experience and reputation in the machining industry to delivery quality and timely service and products.  Being a former tool and die instructor for Florence/Darlington Technical College, Tom understands the importance of continuing education and training and pushes his team to stay on top of new technologies and processes.
    Kimberly Hogge
    Executive VP | Office Manager
    As office manager of Screwmatics, Kimberly’s duties are spread across a number of administrative roles ranging from human resource management, order entry, customer service, and product delivery.
      Billy Hogge
      VP |Business Operations | Project Manager
      Billy joined the Screwmatics team after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Wingate University.  As board member of the Chesterfield County Board of Economic Development and the Pageland Chamber of Commerce, Billy’s commitment to customer relations and service extends beyond the day to day business operations of Screwmatics.  Billy’s status as a licensed private pilot have allowed Screwmatics a unique advantage in customer and vendor relationships.
        Russell Lindsey
        Head Process Engineer
          Ben Strawn
          Mechanical Engineer
          Ben attended Western Carolina University and earned his BS in Engineering Technology. Ben wears a number of engineering hats here at Screwmatics including engineering design, process engineering, and manager of special engineering projects.
            Alex Lowe
            Production Manager
              Brett Reese
              Brett Reese got his start in manufacturing in 1982 with his first job as a chucking Machine Operator. He later started with a new company and went through an apprenticeship program to obtain his Tool Maker Certification. During his 24 year tenure there, Brett became Lead Mold, and Tool Maker in one of the largest Tool and Die Shops on the East Coast. Brett also worked as the Athletic Director at a Christian school for seven years, giving him the ability to manage, solve issues, and lead others. Brett also runs and designs tooling for the Wire EDM here at Screwmatics.
                Jean Croxton
                Customer Service | Human Resources | Administration


                  Job Creator Award
                  “For significantly contributing to the economy of South Carolina in the year 1998″
                  Presented by Governor James H. Hodges (1999)

                  20 Years in Business Award
                  Presented by Pageland Chamber of Commerce (2008)

                  Business Expansion Award
                  Presented by Pageland Chamber of Commerce (2011)

                  Corporate Citizen of the Year Award
                  Presented by the Pageland Chamber of Commerce (2011)

                  Business Expansion Award
                  Presented by Pageland Chamber of Commerce (2013)

                  25 Years in Business Award
                  Presented by Pageland Chamber of Commerce (2013)

                  South Carolina Ambassador for Economic Development
                  Presented by South Carolina Governor Nikki R. Haley (2015)

                  Outstanding Business and Industry Friend of Career and Technology Education Award
                  Presented by South Carolina Association of School Administrators (2016)

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