Hommel-Etamic T8000

The Screwmatics Medical quality control staff use the latest vision and surface inspection machines to ensure that our medical customers are provided with fast and accurate delivery of precision products.  One of our latest investments in medical device quality assurance is the Hommel-Etamic T8000 C stationary roughness and counter measurement system.

Hommel-Etamic T8000


  • individual measurement station configurations depending on the measuring task and the workpiece size
  • measuring station can be controlled interactively
  • digital probe systems ensure a permanently high level of measuring accuracy
  • extensive evaluation functions
  • processing of several profiles

Hommel-Etemic T8000 C At A Glance

  • motorized probe lowering
  • adjustable stroke limit
  • automatic measuring and evaluation
  • probe arms are easy to change for flexible applications
  • modular structure for future expansions