Ganesh Cyclone-32GTS

The GANESH CYCLONE-32 GTS is a 6-axis 1.25” (32mm) bar diameter twin spindle CNC production turning center with a fully synchronized C-axis on both the main and subspindle. The CYCLONE-32 GTS configuration produces shorter cycle-times because the Counter Spindle works simultaneously with the Main Spindle. The Cyclone-32 GTS has integral built-in spindles on the main and the sub allowing extremely fast acceleration and deceleration times. The beltless headstock design provides superior surface finish. Traub A-32 “Dead-Length” collets are utilized in both the main and subspindle to ensure accurate part transfer between the spindles.

The GANESH CYCLONE-32 GTS lathe features dual gang slides sitting side-by-side that allow flexibility in tool placement, including driven tools. Both the main gang slide and the subspindle gang slide work completely independently, allowing for shorter cycle times because the front and the back of a workpiece can be machined at the same time. Dual programmable ¾ HP coolant systems with double coolant filtration bring coolant to the cutter interface. The subspindle features a finished parts ejector and programmable air blast to clean the collet. The included parts catcher and parts conveyor transfers the finished workpiece outside of the work envelope. A steel link-belt chip conveyor is included with the machine to dispose of the chips. A wheeled chip cart is also provided.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous Machinining on the Main and Sub Spindle
  • Full “C”-Axis on Both Spindles for Live Tool Applications
  • Dual “Independent Gang-Tooled Slides
  • Fastest Chip-To-Chip Time in This Machine Class
  • Rigid Tapping on Both Spindles
  • 6,000 RPM Integral Lathe Motor Spindles
  • Parts Catcher with Conveyor
  • Steel Belt Chip Conveyor
  • Rigid 7,260lbs Machine Weight
  • Dual Coolant Systems